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RE: Was Creating A Dedicated Niche Blog A Bad Idea?

Greetings Kevin,

Just a quick and small reaction to your post on creating a new blog about blogging.

At first sight, I would say starting a new blog is a lot of work – although always an exciting thing to do! –, especially if you are already blogging a lot on the topic on your own site.

As Horst writes, I believe this could make sense if it were to be(come) community-driven, or managed by an editorial team.

If the content were to become a stable reference – which is not improbable, since the form of blogging is long-lasting, despite quickly changing technologies – then of course, why not!

And who said short-lived websites wasn’t a good idea, just like the beautiful – however ephemeral – flourishing nature in spring! 🌸
Short-lived experiments of any kind can always be celebrated!

But in the end, I will probably only subscribe to kevq.uk.

P-S: This is my first-ever attempt to reply the indie-web way (please indulge the newbie mistakes) 🙂